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My name is Victoria Sterr and I am currently a senior in the Fashion Design program at Mount Mary University anticipating to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in May 2016. My interest in creative studies stemmed from a loathing of my stifling, grade school uniforms and blossomed into an unending pursuit for a career in fashion from the moment I knew that it was a possibility. While at Mount Mary, I have consistently received recognition for my designs with awards such as Up-and-Coming Sophomore, Outstanding Collection, Outstanding Design Talent, and the Fashion Group International Design Scholarship. Currently, I am developing vicTOR – my own brand for both women and men that is characterized by bold use of color, mixing of prints, and layering of textures. Currently, in response to growing consciousness and acceptance of gender ambiguity, I am working to create a combined collection of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear clothing that is androgynous and easily translated to fit the body of the opposite sex.